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The Training You Deserve

The Parallel Pathway has been designed to allow training of Internal Medicine Trainees - wherever they may be - so that services to patients  is not jeopardised.

Click to view Circulars (Surat Pekeliling)  by Ministry of Health on Parallel Pathway Registration

View new KKM Parallel Pathway information guide & application form

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The information you deserve

The Parallel Pathway is part of the Overall Post Graduate Training Programme and forms part of the process of finally becoming a sub specialist in Malaysia.


Know where you can Train

A comprehensive list of Training Hospitals and Trainers all across the country. 

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Know what constitutes the Portfolio

The portfolio constitutes a repository of the Training opportunities, Workplace Based Assessments,  Supervisor reports & Case Exposure Log among others. 

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Know the Flow

Learn how all the assessments and reports fit in over the 48 months !

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